17 Delicious Air Fryer Meals

I recently purchased an Air Fryer! I had heard a good deal about how tasty food from an air fryer could be so I decided to give it a try!

I purchased this Ninja Air Fryer from Amazon for under $100 and it has been worth every penny! The air Fryer isn’t too big, easy to use and even offers a dehydrating function that lets you make jerky and veggie chips!

I have only had it for a week but here are the best recipes I have found via Pinterest!

  1. These chicken nuggets come close to the amazing Chick Fil A nuggets! This recipe from By Pink was the first I tried!

2. These air Fryer chicken wings were perfect for game day! I couldn’t believe how easy this recipe from Plum Crazy was!

3. The Awe Filled Homemakers zucchini Parmesan crisps are a tasty way to incorporate vegetables!

4. I was skeptical about Air Fryer burgees but Grace Like Rain had an excellent recipe!

5. I love Brussels sprouts so I was thrilled to try this recipe from Coupons for Your Family!

6. These Bloomin Onion knockoffs from Anna’s Home were a huge hit at our NYE gathering!

7. Air Fryer potato chips were simple and delicious!

8. Fried Dill pickles have always been one of my favorite bar snacks! Unfortunately they were difficult to make at home before Air Fryers! This recipe from Air Fryer Guide will blow you away!

9. Air Fryer Apple Chips are an easy, healthy snack! Check out this quick recipe from For House and Home

10. These hot dogs from Copy Kat will keep a crowd happy for game day viewing parties!

11. Fried Raviolis make a great snack or main – this recipe from Key Ingredients Recipes hits the mark!

12. Stuffed Peppers are a great well rounded dinner! These from Bariatric Eating are phenomenal!

13. Scallops wrapped in bacon are always a favorite appetizer at parties. This version from Rumbling Tummy was delicious and easy!

14. These pizza roll up sticks from Little Things were a crowd favorite especially amongst the kids!

15. Air Fryer roasted carrots were a great way to incorporate more veggies! This recipe from Weebly was super simple!

16. These Mac and cheese bites from Big Oven are perfect for kids or a game day spread!

17. My favorite recipe so far has been these Cheeseburger Egg Rolls from Hungry Girl!

So don’t delay! Pick up an air Fryer today via Amazon Prime Now along with some groceries from Whole Foods and get frying! If these recipes are too much effort simply try frozen favorites like pigs in a blanket, nuggets or fries!