best games for BBQ

Absolutely nothing compares to a great summer day spent outdoors with family and friends. Of course you need the essentials like the grill, the meat, and the cold drinks but what really creates memories is some good old fashioned friendly competition! If you don’t have a favorite outdoor BBQ or beach game consider one of the following games to start a tradition with your family!

Wiffleball: the ultimate summer game! Perfect for kids or the overgrown frat boys!


Badminton: badminton can be a casual game with children or a fast paced competitive game of skill. It can be played in the yard or the beach!


Horseshoes: simple rules and the ability to play on grass or sand makes horseshoes a perfect game for summer gatherings!


Cornhole: also known as bean bag toss, this game of skill is better for younger players than horseshoes! It can even be played in a parking lot! Customize your boards for more family fun!


Spikeball: a fast paced game perfect for the beach!

Bocce or Boules: Bocce ball, also called bocci or boccie, is a relaxed but strategic game with an ancient lineage. … Gather your bocce ball set. Standard bocce sets contain 8 colored balls — 4 balls each to a color, typically green and red — and one smaller ball, called the jack or pallino.


Kan Jam: KanJam is a fast-paced 2-on–2 flying disc game
The Perfect game to play with your buddies on the beach or with your family in the backyard.

KanJam is easy to pack and easier to set-up, making it a great camping and tailgating game.


Best Irish Pubs in Boston

Boston has a rich history and tradition which naturally fosters a wonderful bar and pub scene. As a Boston native and devotee of the pub I thought I should publish my take on the best Irish pubs in Boston proper.

Eire Pub: This Dorchester institution has been good enough for President Reagan and President Clinton (it’s a bipartisan pub!) so it’s good enough for me. In all seriousness this institution serves food at a great value and pours a good pint allowing it to stand the test of time in spite of the changes to the neighborhood.

795 Adams Street
Dorchester, MA 02122
(617) 436–0088


Flann O’Briens: this Mission Hill classic serves as a local for students and the medical community. The working fireplace makes it a great destination for a cold winters night!

1619 Tremont St., Boston, 617–566–7744,

Mr. Dooley’s: this Broad Street beauty is a favorite of the white collar set due to its financial district location but all types are made to feel welcome. Dooley’s is a great place to find a Irish music session. Avoid he tourist traps around the corner in Faneuil Hall and head to Dooley’s!

77 Broad St., Boston, 617–338–5656,

Doyle’s Cafe: this venerable institution in Jamaica Plain has been hosting the politically inclined and locals since 1882. Today the pub serves as an unofficial waiting room and after party for Sam Adams Brewery tours. This combination makes for a great day out in JP.

3484 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, 617–524–2345,


JJ Foley’s: the Kingston Street and Berkeley Street locations are owned separtely by brothers. There are similar atmospheres but I prefer Berkeley street, but you cannot go wrong with either location.

117 E Berkeley St., Boston, 617–728–0315,


There are many other great pubs in Boston but these are my favorites! Try them all!

Small Improvements Yield Major Benefit

I think one thing I have learned over the years is that certain things are worth spending extra on. These often overlooked luxuries are truly worth the expense. When you are able to splurge on these items it truly feels like you have leveled up. Now – don’t focus on major purchases – think of the items that you use every single day! Can the experience be improved?

The first area I think of when I think of really improving my life – the bedroom! Now get your mind out of the gutter. I am referring to improving your life by improving your sleep. First of all, if you haven’t upgraded your mattress go do it. That is the most important thing. If you like your mattress there are still little things that will help such as improving your linens and pillows, getting a weighted blanket or even a sleep mask. These aren’t super expensive items that will overhaul your sleep!

Sheets: There is something about a fresh, high quality set of sheets that really facilitates a restful night’s sleep. I discovered Matouk linens while shopping for my wife and have never looked back! These are expensive but they last a long time and are super comfy.
[Matouk sheets]()

Pillows: if you aren’t replacing your pillow annually your sleep is probably suffering. I prefer a more structured pillow and love the Bamboo Memory Foam from Snugglepedic. Don’t cheap out on your pillow. Invest in your rest!

[Bamboo Memory Foam]()

Towels: another area of your life that can probably be improved is your bath towels. Often overlooked or tolerated a nice bath towel really allows you to enjoy the moments while getting ready for work. Again, I discovered the joys of a luxury towel when I bought some Frette towels for my wife and began to steal them!

[Frette Ivory Towel]()

Headphones: Do you listen to music or podcasts for hours a day on your commute or at the gym? If so it is time to upgrade your headphones. I recently switched to the Apple Airpods and am angry that I waited so long! These really improve workouts and the train ride.

[Apple Airpods]()

Shaving Supplies & Skincare: yet another area I neglected until I was married! I used to simply use the cheapest shaving cream and shaving products available until I started getting unsightly razor burn. My wife pushed me to upgrade my shaving routine and start using more skin care products such as a daily moisturizer and even under eye creams. This was weird at first but now I have totally bought in. I joined Harry’s for my old school razors, purchased a Onetouch and started using bath and shaving supplies from Every Man Jack.

[Everyman Jack Shaving Kit]()

[Everyman Jack Bath Kit]()

Underwear: For far too long I would simply buy inexpensive boxers and undershirts from discount stores or Amazon whenever the need arose. However, my wife gifted me some LuluLemon boxer briefs and under shirts last Christmas i saw the light. I now pay attention to my underwear. The best value I have found are the Uniqlo Airism – pick these up and start to feel comfortable!


The moral of the story is that sometimes minor changes can make a major impact. Look to improve your life one small piece at a time!

Casual Wear (all birds and lulu lemon man)