My Favorite Boston Area Breweries

The greater Boston area is a hotbed for craft breweries which makes it an ideal destination for bachelor parties, craft beer hobbyists and brewery crawlers! Nearly every town within an hour of Boston has a new craft brewery – here are my favorites!

  • Sam Adams: one of the original craft breweries. While Sam Adams doesn’t get the acclaim of some of the newer breweries it is always a fun day out to check out their brewery tour and have lunch at Doyle’s down the road.
    Sam Adams
  • Harpoon: the Harpoon Beer Hall is a must if you find yourself near the Seaport. Like Sam Adams, Harpoon is an old guard craft brewer that sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. The expansive beer Hall is a great place to spend an afternoon.
    • Trillium: Trillium is one of the more acclaimed breweries in the world with many highly rated offerings which makes it popular with real craft beer aficionados. They have 3 locations – a taproom in Canton, a seasonal Biergarten on the Greenway and a retail only spot in Fort Point. The Biergarten is an awesome way to spend a happy hour!
    • Dorchester Brewing: located in a working class section of Boston and a bit off the tourist path Dorchester Brewing was an amazing addition to the neighborhood. I love spending time here with fellow locals. DBCo serves as a contract brewer for many local breweries so they often have a wide variety of offerings available.
      Dot Brewing
    • Aeronaut: Somerville is home to an amazing array of restaurants, shops and taprooms – my favorite place to visit in Somerville is Aeronaut.
      Aeronaut – Somerville
    • Barrel House Z: this hidden brewery in Weymouth, about 15 miles south of Boston, is a real gem. The taproom and the outdoor area are both great ways to spend an idle day.
      Barrel House Z
    • Nightshift: hidden North of Boston in Everett – Nightshift is probably my favorite brewery. Looking forward to their upcoming taproom in the city.
    • Mystic: Another amazing brewery located just north of the city in Chelsea. Mystic isn’t far from The TD Garden or the North End making it a great spot for a pregame.
    • Jacks Abby: there might not be a more impressive set up than Jacks Abby out in Framingham. Most breweries offer snacks or host food trucks – Jacks Abby offers a phenomenal full service restaurant. In particular, I enjoy the pizzas. This spot is well worth the drive!
      Jacks Abby
    • Notch Brewing: this session brewer located in the heart of historic (and frightful) Salem is a great destination for a day trip. Spend the afternoon enjoying the haunted streets and waterfront before grabbing a bite and a few brews at Notch. The ferry service from Boston makes this an even better time.
  • Amazing Basement Bar Inspiration

    In my younger years I dreamed of owning my own pub – I would spend hours dreaming of locations, names and other details of my dream pub. Since then I have altered my focus to the more realistic goal of building an amazing home bar! I often spend evenings longingly browsing Pinterest has provided ample inspiration.

    Check out these amazing home bars people have added to their homes!

    Home Bar by TDF

    Steelers Bar

    Now that we are inspired how will we create a space like this in our own home?

    It’s actually fairly simple! You just need to take care of a few things:


    The bar is the centerpiece for the entire room! The biggest decision with the bar is whether to build a custom bar for your space or purchase a piece that is ready to go! Both options can work great!

    This antique inspired Irish bar will be the centerpiece of your basement bar!
    Sweet custom bar – this oozes class!

    This corner bar will get your project started!


    Proper seating will ensure guests feel welcome. This may include both comfy leather furniture and barstools. Make sure you have enough for all of your new friends!


    Awesome design by Decker Ross Interior Design

    Do you want your bar to become the social center of your home and neighborhood? Get your entertainment right! Think about a massive television and some old school darts, billiards etc.

    Shuffleboard will keep your crew entertained


    You want a bar? What will you serve?! It’s important to offer amazing beverages ranging from draft beer to craft cocktails. I love a bar with a specialty – think about featuring craft beer, high end scotch or even your favorite wines.

    If you will be hosting frequently make sure you have all the tools to make any drink!

    A kegerator for all the craft beer!


    What will you do with hungry guests? Stop them from traipsing through your house by offering some amazing snack options in the basement!


    This is your chance to stamp your personality on the basement bar! The options are literally endless – show your sports fandom, classic black and white photos, beer and liquor advertising or even old maps!

    Liquor signage can give the basement bar a true pub feel!
    Classic beer advertising gives the bar some personality
    Vintage posters are a fun way to decorate!
    Old maps can be a fun way to highlight your heritage!

    This is a super fun part of the process so enjoy!

    Now that you have walked through the Blueprint you should be ready to create the perfect basement bar! Remember to have fun!

    PS: purchasing through some of these links may provide me with a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!