5 Products to Transform Your Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Try these sleep hacks!I was lucky. I never struggled with sleep or fatigue. That all changed after or second child. Days were filled chasing a toddler or attending meetings and evenings were spent changing diapers or chores around the house. Making this more difficult was the fact that my son wakes up everyday at 5AM. I knew that I had to get better sleep to improve my performance and attitude.

I set out to find any products available that would help me “hack” sleep. Now I know that hacking sleep is impossible but I did find 5 products that made my time asleep as beneficial as possible while reducing time spent tossing and turning.

Cool Pillow

Before discovering the Cool Pillow I would spend all night shifting my body and flipping my pillow. If I became a little bit warm it could ruin an entire night. The Tempurpedic Dual Cooling Pillow was my first sleep hacking purchase and easily one of my faves. If you are someone who prefers the cooler side of the pillow do not hesitate to buy one today!

Tempurpedic Dual Cool PillowThis cooling pillow changed my life!

Chilli Pad

I followed Tim Ferriss’ advice and picked up a Chilli Pad a year back. This amazing invention might seem expensive and frivolous but trust me it is an absolutel steal at any price. This pad will regulate temperature to keep you at your preferred temperature and keep your partner at their preferred temperature. It drastically reduces debates over air conditioning or heat. Picture your relationship when both individuals are well rested!

Weighted Blanket

I was skeptical of the benefits of a Weighted Blanket and worried that I would be too hot (see above) but the weighted blanket truly forces you to relax and sleep. I liken it to a swaddled baby.

Weighted Blankets help with InsomniaWeighted blanket Great Sleep Therapy for People with Anxiety, Autism, ADHD, Insomnia or Stress

Noise Machine

Growing up I typically fell asleep to some sort of noise such as a fan or even the radio. I didn’t realize how much of a habit this was until I got married and stopped falling asleep with the television on. At my wife’s urging I purchased a Sound and Sleep Noise Machine and have loved it ever since. My favorites are beach sounds, rain and just old fashioned white noise. My wife, who prefers quiet, doesn’t mind either.

Noise Machine for SleepThe Sound and Sleep Machine will help you sleep soundly!

Black Out Shades

We moved to a new house in a more developed area and discovered that it was brighter – even after dark – than we could tolerate. Light from cars and streetlights would manage to peek through our windows and prevent us from falling asleep. We purchased these NICETOWN Blackout Shades because of the reviews and the unassuming look. We have been thrilled with these as it helped create a cocoon effect of total darkness at night which makes for healthier sleep!

Blackout shades will dramatically improve your sleepBlackout Shades improves sleep!

Now don’t hesitate to take steps to improve your sleep – it may be as simple as getting more exercise, laying off late night drinks or cutting screen time while in bed. But if you are really struggling consider these options!

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