Amazing Basement Gyms

It’s easy to take advantage of the extra space in your house to create an amazing basement gym!

Save money and time by skipping the expensive gyms and build your ideal gym just steps away in the basement!

Basement gyms are super easy to create! All it takes is a bit of space – 100 square feet and up and some gym mats!

Once you identify the space it comes down to your preferred exercises and workouts! Try to find great deals on cardio, weight or even yoga equipment!

Amazing basement gym

Once you have the equipment just add personal touches such as entertainment options, mirrors or even motivational posters!

Don’t hesitate! Start planning your amazing basement gym today! Check out these photos if you need more inspiration!

Amazing basement gym illustrates that a basement gym can offer all of the equipment an expensive gym does!
Amazing basement gym Ace Exercise shows just how functional a basement gym can be!
Amazing basement gymDecoist shows the potential of a smart wall!
Amazing basement shows that a home gym can be elegant!
Amazing basement gymAdd a CrossFit style box as shown by HGTV
Amazing basement gym shows how much equipment can fit in a small space!
RogueFitness shows an example of a heavy weight set!
This is a nice home gym from DecorPad

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