Awesome Basement Home Theatres

Does the idea of an awesome basement home theatre sound amazing? Believe it or not these signs of wealth and luxury can now within reach!

This lux example is more attainable than you may think

Adding an awesome basement home theatre doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult! It’s as simple as finding the right space!

Jenna Sue Design proves that a great theatre doesn’t require tons of space

Once you have found the right space for an awesome basement home theatre you just need to get the best screen and sound you can fit in the budget!

Quality sound system will transform your viewing experience

After you have the screen and sound you need to consider seating! Do you want theatre style or more of a homey vibe?

Theatre style seating can be purchased for reasonable prices
This tiered seating with sectionals combines theatre and homey vibes!

Finally, add some fun decor and a snack bar for an added bonus! don’t forget the Popcorn!!!

Lifestyle Spaces shows how a simple kitchen cabinet setup can be transformed into a concession stand

Still searching for inspiration? Check out these prime examples of awesome basement home theatres!

An awesome home theatre is possible even in a relatively small space!
A projection screen turns a normal basement lounge area into a home theatre
Stadium style movie theatre seats give your basement entertainment space a dramatic vibe

Seating upgrades can make a home theatre feel just like a night at the movies!
These cuddle seats are perfect for kiddos or couples!
This sectional is perfect for a cozy, homey home theatre
Consider decorating with a classic theatre flair