Best Exercise Equipment for Basement Gyms

Are you considering adding a basement gym but are concerned that you won’t be able to perform the same workouts you do at the local gym or CrossFit?

This post should dispel the notion that your basement gym will limit your workouts! The sky is the limit for a basement gym! Here is a list of perfect exercise equipment for a basement gym!

  • Yoga: a basement may not seem like a great place for a mindful and meditative yoga practice, however, with the right design elements and some basic equipment a basement gym can include a perfect yoga area!
Style Motivation shows an example of a great home yoga space!
  • Rowing: rowing is a great workout for busy professionals and parents! In a fairly short period of time you can get both a strength and cardio workout done! Setup a rowing machine in your basement gym and start seeing results!
This beauty of a rowing setup by Everygirl will have you longing for your workouts!
  • Interval Training: again, busy people can achieve results in shorter workouts with HIIT – add a treadmill and some mats for Bodyweight exercise and your basement gym is perfect for this method!
  • Rock Climbing: If you prefer to prepare for outdoor sports such as rock climbing during your workouts consider adding a rock wall to your basement gym!
Highcraft builds challenging and fun rock walls! Make your workout fun!
  • Dumbbell Rack: probably the most versatile piece of equipment- a dumbbell set can cover nearly all the exercises you would want to do at home!
Suburban Men captures an essential home gym – cardio and dumbbells
  • Medicine Balls: a medicine ball is a fun way to change up your routine! Include some medicine balls in your home gym to start a routine!
Save space with a vertical medicine ball rack!
  • Kettlebells: a kettlebell swing is a tremendous exercise for those looking for an efficient workout! If you have the ceiling height in your basement gym a kettlebell set makes a great addition.
Garage Gyms shows the perfect power lifting setup for a home gym
Wahoo Fitness markets a Pain Cave bundle for cycling enthusiasts
Pinterest user Michael Allen shared a boxing home gym
  • Pilates: a basement gym is a great place to add a Pilates setup and save on the super expensive studio classes!
Finished Basement Conpany creates this amazing home Pilates studio
  • Barre: convert extra basement space into a home barre studio with a mirror and some ballet rails! Skip the expensive classes and crowds and pliĆ© at home!
This combination barre and yoga studio shows how amazing a home studio can be!
  • Swimming: if money is no object and you have the space swimming is an amazing full body workout! These resistance pools make a swimming routine achievable!
Endless Pools enable a swimming workout in a relatively small space!

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