Guest Suite Transformation: Use Extra Space for Guests

A guest suite transformation is a great use of extra space!  Have you ever suffered through a sleepless night, tossing and turning on a lumpy mattress or couch because you were invited to stay at a friend’s or family’s home?  Don’t you wish they had undertaken a guest suite transformation?

Of course, the offer was gracious and you were able to maximize time with your loved ones while saving some money but at what price? Well the price of a sleepless night and lack of privacy!

We have all been there – forced to stay at a relatives or hosting unexpected guests – there isn’t enough space or privacy to suit anyone.

Well one simple and relatively inexpensive way to ensure your guests enjoy a peaceful stay is to convert unused space in a basement or attic into a guest space!  Consider a guest suite transformation an easy way to make visits less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

An amazing guest space doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive! You really only need a clean and comfortable area for your friends and family to rest, but why stop there? Build an amazing guest suite to make your guests at home!

Get Inspired!

These examples from Pinterest show what you could achieve with a bit of time and money!

Basement guest rooms don’t need to be dreary!
A Murphy bed enables a guest suite to double as a home office or spare room!
A guest room can be used as a play room as well! It doesn’t have to be fully dedicated!
Not using your garage? It makes a great space for guests!
Bright and airy basement room!
An attic space can feel luxurious!

Where Do I Start?

Again, this project doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive! Of course it is easiest if you have finished space waiting for furnishing and a refresh but if you don’t have the finished space fear not!

  1. Decide where you want to add the guest room – consider including this as part of a dream basement
  2. Decide on scope – bedroom only, en suite or even a full in law!
  3. Honestly evaluate your skills…can you swing a hammer or should you stick to decorating?
  4. Now you are ready to evaluate your space. It doesn’t hurt to have a contractor come out to give you some ideas and make sure the project is feasible – Water in basements and ceiling heights can cause problems. An experienced contractor will spot these issues early.
  5. If it was me – I hire the contractor and let the pro do the heavy lifting while participating in design decisions!
  6. Furnish and Decorate

If you are feeling inspired some of these products may help!

A Murphy bed will make a small space go far!

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