It’s Easy To Build A Home Office

These days more and more people are able to work from home which makes the prospect of converting unused space into a dedicated home office attractive! A great home office should have the following characteristics:
* Privacy: you need to be able to shut out distractions – yes that includes family – and focus on your work!
* Quiet: you need to be able to fully participate in any telephone calls without the seemingly ever present barking dog or kids that invade every conference call!
* Organization: you need to be able to file away completed work or reference material and quickly access any needed documents.
* Brainstorming Space: I do my best creative work at home – away from the constant interruption of the office. For that reason I value a comfortable place to sit and ponder new ideas.

Below are some inspirational home offices sourced from Pinterest! Use these as inspiration to get your project started!

Contemporist example of a small, modern office
A nice example of a home office via Hometalk
Masculine office from
Beautiful example of a traditional office
Awesome modern office
aCorner office with ample storage

If you are looking for more help Look here to start

  • Shelves: these modular shelves can transform any space into a great home office!
    • Antique desk: if you are looking for a conversation piece consider these antique desks. I prefer mid century modern!
    • Whiteboard/Organizer: stay organized and get your brainstorm on with these whiteboards and wall organizers!
    • Dual Monitors: if you are used to working on multiple screens at the office you should try to replicate that at home. This product helps!
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