It’s Simple To Spoil A Golfer: Great Gifts For Golfers

Great gifts for golfers

Great gifts for golfers can be both easy and inexpensive if you know where to look!  If you are having trouble picking out a gift for the golfer in your life fear not – this guide will help!  Follow these instructions and wow your loved ones with great gifts for golfers.

I know that to a non-golfer, the prospect of buying anything golf related can be super intimidating. I am here to help with great gifts for golfers.

It’s easy. Pick a few things from this list and the golfer in your life – whether it be a Dad, spouse or child – will be both thrilled with the product and touches that you went out of your way to better know their passion!

The list is broken down into four areas – you cannot go wrong with any of these. My main advice is to avoid clubs as those are best purchased during a club fitting – the one exception being if you know the specific club.


All golfers need the occasional restock of the basics. These all make great stocking stuffers for golfers and last minute gifts!
* Golf Balls

Great gifts for golfersGolf balls make a great stocking stuffer!

Do a bit of research…check your golfers bag to see what brand of golf balls they are using and purchase a few dozen of those! Or if you feel like a splurge you can pick up these Titleist Pro V1 or these Taylormades!
* Tees: every golfer needs more tees! These are great stocking stuffers! Have some fun with novelty tees!
* Gloves

Golf gloves make a great stocking stuffer

Again, an easy trick is to find out what they are already using and buy a couple new pairs!
* Towels: Towels for a golfer can make a fun and easy stocking stuffer or help your golfer show their school spirit!

caddyshack is the most quotable golf movie!

  • Club Head Covers help your golfer show some personality with their club head covers!
  • * Golf Kit: these little kits make golf course etiquette easy!

* Ball Stamp: these cool stamps allow golfers to mark their ball in style!

Show school spirit on the course

* Club Heads: help your golfer show some personality with their club head covers!

Rain gear is a great gift for the hardcore golfer!


Help your golfer improve their game with this variety of tools. Whether they need to work on their swing, short game or just love getting extra practice in any golfer will love these gifts!
* Putting Tools:

Get your putting practice in!

* Putting Greens

Create a golf practice area in your home!

* Nets

This swing net will let you get your practice in!

* Swing Tools

Improve your ball striking with the Bomb It!
This trainer will improve your form

* Practice Balls

Practice balls will let you practice your form in the backyard


For the golfer who loves gadgets there are a number of great options to help them feel put on the course!
* Range Finder

The range finder will impress any gadget loving golfer
Gadgets make great gifts for golfers
This laser plane will help fix your swing!

* Apps


For the guy who has everything – consider giving them an unforgettable experience! Depending on budget you can provide a nice lesson or day on the course all the way up to a once in a lifetime trip!
* Trips: grab your golfer a bag and a ticket and send them on an epic golf trip!

Pebble Beach is a great golf trip destination!
  • Lessons: even a seasoned golfer would appreciate some lessons! A good teaching professional can shave strokes from your score! Check with your local golf course for referrals.
  • Club Fittings: a serious golfer may want custom fitted clubs. Check out Mizuno or Titleist for scheduling!
  • Local around: any golfer will appreciate a gift card for a round at the best local course!
  • Consider pairing these golf gifts with something from my Whiskey Gift List for a memorable holiday.

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