Step by Step Guide to the Ultimate Game Room

Many of my fondest memories took place in the basement game rooms of my childhood home or those of my cousins and friends. We spent hours upon hours playing video games, billiards, darts and more. A game room can become the focal point of fun for a family – they are more interactive than a TV room and allow families and friends to bond over friendly competition. Once budget allows I plan on converting some space in my basement into a game room. I put together this post as a means to keep track of my ideas for the room. Of course not all of these will be included but the dreaming and planning are a big part of the fun.

  • Pool Table: the pool table is the centerpiece of most game rooms. I love the one from Houzz below.
  • Billiards

    • Bar: a game room without a bar is no fun at all. These two examples inspire me to strive for bigger bonuses!

    Half wall bar

    pub style basement bar

    Dartboard: Darts is a great, casual game for an adult game room. In most cases you only need a small amount of space to make this work! Dartboards to complete the look are available anywhere!

    Cork Dart Wall


    • Kegerator – the perfect way to serve ice cold beer without the hassles of bottles.

    The games is where you have the opportunity to make your game room stand out. There are nearly infinite options ranging from old school classics such as ping pong, card tables and fooz ball to outside the box ideas like golf simulators, arcade games and more. Don’t limit yourself – dream big!

    Golf Simulator: for the golfaholics – a golf simulator can make a long winter bearable. Imagine spending weeknight evenings playing famous courses!


    Flight simulator: if golf isn’t your game and you fantasize of being a Top Gun style pilot maybe you would prefer this setup that doubles as a race car simulator! [Flight Simulator]()

    Putting green: for the golfer without space for a simulator – a putting green allows you to work on the game year round!


    Shuffleboard: not just a game for Florida retirees. Shuffleboard is a game of skill that is a perfect addition to a basement!


    Fooz Ball
    Ping Pong: my personal favorite – ping pong tables can bring out the competitive nature among family and friends.

    Card Table: for the card sharks. Hosting a weekly game becomes a joy with this setup!

    [Poker Table ]()

    Skeeball: The classic game would be a great, unexpected addition to a basement gameroom! skeeball

    Essential Components of a Dream Man Cave

    A dream man cave is the perfect addition to any home!  I love spending time with my wife and kids, honestly it’s my favorite thing to do. However, every man sometimes needs space and time to just relax on his own or with his buddies. The best way to get this space as a father of young kids is to create an oasis of manliness within your own home. This dream man cave will give you a place to escape to after a long day of work. The space itself doesn’t matter so much – it can be a garage, basement, attic or den – however it should be dedicated to the man of the house.

    No matter what your hobbies or interests are every good man cave needs comfortable seating, a solid entertainment system, decor, and a means to store and serve for your favorite beverages. I have gathered some inspiration below in the hopes I will get to convert my attic to my own dream man cave!


    Minimally a man cave needs comfortable seating so that the man of the house can fall asleep while watching golf or football on a Sunday afternoon. Ideally, a dream man cave will afford enough comfy seating for a few friends (or even the family) to comfortably lounge.

    This leather recliner certainly classes up the cave.

    Classic Reclinerclassic leather recliner

    A large sectional adds plenty of room for friends to enjoy a game or even spend the night in a pinch.

    Sectional from Manuel Aispuro Pinterest

    Sectional Options
    Slate Sectional
    Gray Sectional

    Finally, it can be nice to sit at a pub style table for a game.

    Pub table
    Pub Table at Amazon

    Large Pub Table
    Large Table Amazon


    Decorating your dream man cave is a fairly personal choice and in my opinion you cannot go wrong. I would categorize the various styles as follows:

    • Sports – this is your space so show off your love for the local teams or the alma mater. I have linked to some pieces I love below.

    [Red Sox Photos](Sox Photos)

    Red Sox InspirationRed Sox Inspiration

    Even Yankees fans need Decor for their man caves – [Yankees Photos](Yankees Photos)

    Yanks PhotosYanks Photos

    Amazon offers so many sports photos – take a look for your favorite team.

    • Bar Decor – this is where you can show your affinity for a beer or liquor. Vintage signs and lights can almost be considered classy.
    • Vintage beer advertising can be a really cool addition to your man cave! Simply search for your preferred brand! [Beer Signs](Beer Paraphenlia)
    • Vintage Beer
    • Vintage Beer
    • Neon Signs can also brighten up your space! [selection of neon signs ](Beer Neon Signs)
    • “Classy” – if you want to keep the room more understated photographs of places you have visited or love can be great. I favor black and white photos., Minted and [Amazon](Black and White Photos) all offer great options! Frames from Target or Amazon can be inexpensive so it may be more budget friendly to purchase an unframed photo and get the frame separately.
      [London Photo]()

    [Map of Ireland]()

    [Boston Skyline]()

    Home Bar

    Perhaps the most important ingredient in a dream man cave is the ability to store and imbibe in your favorite booze. In a smaller man cave this might simply be a bar cart and a mini fridge. However, given the space you could potentially create your own personal pub! Below are some links to inspiration!

    • Bar Carts – bar Carts double as both a storage and serving piece for your liquor collection!

    Bar Carts


    • Kegerator – the perfect way to serve ice cold beer without the hassles of bottles.


    Obviously, the dream man cave requires a massive screen for sports, movies and or video games. Below is some ideas to get the juices flowing:

    • Large Screen Television – if you don’t go with a projector you will want to buy the largest screen television that you can – from both a price and space perspective.

    *Projector projector

    *Multiple Screens
    Multiple Screen Setup