Simple And Fun Gifts For Foodies

The gift giving season can be super stressful as we agonize over what to buy our loved ones!

Do you have a foodie or gourmand on your gift list this year? While it can be intimidating to buy something for an expert eater there are some tips to follow:

Do they have a favorite type of cuisine or snack?

These foodies can be really easy to buy for! Find out their favorite cuisine or snack and find items they may not like to spurge on or consider a monthly subscription club.

For example, chocolate lovers would appreciate artisanal chocolate from Askinosie or Charbonnel et Walker or a chocolate club.

Great gifts for foodies

Lovers of BBQ would be equally thrilled with a set of rubs, spices and sauces or a delivery from Jack Stack in Kansas City!

Great gifts for foodies

Great gifts for foodies

Do they love cheese? Consider this cheese club or a gift card to a local cheese mongers.

Snackers would delight at this box featuring global snack foods or for the more dedicated snacker a bunch of their favorite snack!

Great gifts for foodies

The possibilities are truly endless – even pickle lovers have subscription clubs!

Do they love to cook or grill?

Some folks like to both prepare and eat the food! For the amateur chefs or grillers in your life consider gifting them new equipment or gadgets, cookbooks or even experiences such as a cooking class at Sur La Table or through a local restaurant.

Great gifts for foodies A sous vide is a great gift for foodies!
Great gifts for foodies A spiralizer is perfect for a health conscious cook

These folks might appreciate the challenge of an exotic meat subscription (or a more mainstream delivery).

Are they a wine connoisseur, beer lover or whiskey aficionado?

Dedicated fans of beer, wine and spirits are super easy to please! Simply pair a bottle of something they would like to try with a nice coffee table book on the topic.

If that is too much effort consider a monthly subscription (Wine or Beer)

Have they taken any memorable vacations or dream of visiting certain exotic locales?

Does your Dad still dream of the deep dish pizza from Chicago or the New York City cheesecake? Perfect – these can now be delivered!

Great gift for foodies
Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn New York
Great gifts for foodies Gino’s East in Chicago

If your Mom is wistfully dreaming of an Italian or French vacation consider these meal kits or make your own gift basket!

Great gifts for foodies

Italian meal!

As you can see – it is easy to come up with creative gift ideas for foodies!

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Great Gifts for Fishermen: An Essential Guide

Follow this guide to find great gifts for fishermen

It’s super easy to find great gifts for fishermen!  If you have an avid angler on your gift list? You should consider yourself lucky! Fishing is a gear intensive hobby so there is always something to buy!

Whether you want to throw a few lures into their stocking, outfit a whole new fishing setup or even spring for a fishing trip this guide will point you in the right direction!  So what are we waiting for?  Let’s start looking for great gifts for fishermen

Great Gifts for Fishermen

  • Rods: a Fishing rod can be a tricky item to buy for an angler. Ask them if they need a new rod!
  • Waders: does your angler enjoy fly fishing or tide casting? Pick up a new pair of waders!
  • Waders make a great gift for fishermen
  • Kayak: would your angler like to get out on the water without the expense of a fishing boat? Try a kayak!
  • A kayak can be a great gift for a fishermen
  • Experiences: does your angler dream of an epic fishing trip? Whether they dream of fly fishing in Big Sky country or casting for Marlins off of the Florida coast consider blowing them away with a flight and hotel at their dream destination! With Last Minute Travel this will be more approachable than you may think!
  • A fly fishing trip to Big Sky is a great gift for fisherman
  • Fishing Chair: help your angler fish in comfort – this adjustable chair folds for easy travel, includes both a rod and beverage holder!
  • A fishing chair is a great gift for a fisherman
  • Coolers: every angler would love this cooler and rod holder! Store your catch or just your beers!
  • This cooler is a great gift for fisherman
  • Wader Jacket: this Orvis wader Jacket is great for fishing on cool mornings!
  • An Orvis Wader Jacket is a great gift for a fishermen
  • Books: when in doubt consider finding a beautiful coffee table book on fishing!
  • A coffee table book will be a great gift for fisherman
  • Fish finder: for tech savvy anglers this device will integrate with a phone or iPad!
  • Fish finders are great gifts for fishermen
    • Tackle Box: a tackle box is a great gift for a fisherman! Consider making your own gift box by adding

lures, hooks, bobbers, line and other small fishing gear to a tackle box!

A tackle box is a great gift for fishermen

Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Hikers

Check out this post for great gifts for fisherman

Finding great gifts for hikers is a fun challenge!  If you need some great gifts for hikers on your gift list than you are in luck!  If someone on your gift list is an avid hiker this guide is for you!

Buying for great gifts for hikers can be challenging as it is not a gear heavy hobby! Fear not – this gift guide will ensure you make your hiker happy!

  • Weather Gear: if your hiker likes to hike in the rainy season or takes multi-day hikes weather gear is a must have! This set will keep them dry!
  • Weather gear makes a great gift for a hiker
  • Backpack: any hiker would be thrilled to receive a new backpack for their treks!

A new backpack is a great gift for hikers

  • Boots: perhaps a hiker’s most important piece of gear is their boots! Ensure their feet stay warm and dry with a new pair!
  • These Merrell Hiking Boots are a great gift for hikers
  • Books: inspire your hiker with an epic coffee table book on the best hikes in America!
  • A coffee table book is a great gift for hikers
  • Trail maps: is your hiker dreaming of next summer’s hikes? Pick up some trail maps of their favorite treks or prospective hikes! These make inexpensive stocking stuffers!
  • Memberships: help your hiker give back and get access with memberships to various conservancy groups like Sierra Club and Appalachian Mountain Club!
  • Trekking Poles: these new walking sticks will keep your hiker moving!
  • Trekking poles are a great gift for hikers
  • Camel back: keep your hiker hydrated with a Camelback
  • Camelback systems make great gifts for hikers
  • Experiences: if your hiker has all the gear maybe consider sending them on a dream hike! Pick up the flight on Last Minute Travel and send them off on a dream trek!


now what are you waiting for!  It’s time to start your shopping!  Follow this guide and be sure to deliver great gifts for hikers on your list!