7 Great Recipes For An Air Fryer

Skeptics might wonder why one would purchase an air fryer? All you will cook is French fries and chicken nuggets! Well let me tell you – I was skeptical when my wife purchased one to try to keep our 3 year old fed (he only eats nuggets and fries) but I am now a full concert. We have used Pinterest to find dozens of interesting air fryer recipes. The list below contains our favorites so far!

  1. Grilled Cheese was an easy, quick and delicious experiment!
  • This Old Gal – Grilled Cheese

    2. Buffalo Cauliflower was a fun and spicy way to enjoy some veggies

  • Cauliflower Wings
  • 3. Parmesan Tortellini were a fun and easy skin on fried ravioli. Our picky 3 year old loved dipping these in marinara!
    Fried Tortellini from Cozy Cook
  • 4. Fried Pickles – my favorite bar snack come out perfect!
    Tastefully Frugal
  • 5. Hot Dog – I was afraid of this but it ended up being one of my fave preparations of a hot dog.
    Copy Kat via Pinterest
  • 6. Buffalo Wings – my absolute favorite fried food came out really good! Must try!
    Plum Crazy
  • 7. Oil Free Chips – I love having fresh potato chips and these were pretty easy to make.
    Air Fried Chips
  • Want to try for yourself? Pick up an Air Fryer Air Fryer