Whiskey Gift Ideas Can be Easy and Fun

Whiskey Gift Ideas

Whiskey gift ideas do not have to be difficult or expensive! Do you have a whiskey or scotch lover on your gift list? Well, consider yourself lucky! Gift giving to scotch or whiskey aficionados is actually super easy.

Whiskey Gift Ideas:  Bottles

Consider this – most whiskey lovers would be thrilled with a new bottle of their favorite type of whiskey!


Scotch can be intimidating between the terminology and the variety. Don’t worry about all that – ask the staff at your local liquor store for a gift worthy scotch at your price point. Single Malt, aged scotches tend to cost more.

  • Whiskey gift ideas Whiskey gift ideas Bourbon

  • Bourbon is an American Whiskey – typically sweeter than the smoky scotch. Look for bourbons aged over 5 years. The price point is typically more approachable than scotch. Works well in many cocktails.

  • Whiskey gift ideas Whiskey gift ideas

  • Irish

  • Irish Whisky is sweeter and smoother than scotch. It’s great neat or in an Irish coffee!
  • Whiskey gift ideas
  • Whiskey gift ideas
  • Japanese

  • Japanese whisky was originally made with the intent to copy scotch as closely as possible. This has led to some truly fine products from Japan. Japanese whisky makes a great gift for an adventurous lover of scotch.
  • Whiskey gift ideas Whiskey gift ideas
  • Canadian

  • Canadian Whisky makes for a great cocktail – aged for a minimum of 3 years in wooden barrels the Canadian contribution often has caramel tones.
  • Whiskey gift ideas

Gift Club Subscriptions

Another way to help your loved one try new whiskeys is through one of the various “Of the Month” clubs! These are often customizable so you can get all types of whiskeys or a specific category!

Mash and Grape

Tasters Club

Whiskey Gift Ideas:  has Accessories and Gadgets

Alternatively, there are a wide variety of cool gadgets and accessories designed to improve the whiskey experience. These are great ideas for the person who has everything!

Whiskey gift ideas A whiskey stones set makes an amazing gift!
  • Waterford Decanter – these rocks glasses and decanter will wow your guests as you serve scotch on Style.
A Waterford Decanter and Rocks set will add a touch of class!

Spherical Ice Cube Maker – this set enables a scotch lover to cool their drink with restaurant style spherical ice!

Cool your drink in style!
Cigar Holder Scotch Glass – this unique gift makes a great stocking stuffer for lovers of scotch and cigars!

Many guys would be thrilled to receive a great book on scotch like this The Scotch Whisky Masterclass

Whiskey gift ideas

Quirky whiskey gift ideas Corksicle makes his fun gift

Whiskey Gift Ideas: Experiences

Finally, consider gifting an experience! For someone who has a large collection of bottles and isn’t one for gadgets try to find an experience that can be shared with loved ones!

An epic trip to Scotland for scotch tasting or a scotch flight at a local steakhouse might make great gifts!

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Basement Wine Tasting Room Sure Impress

A basement wine tasting room is a perfect use of extra basement space for wine lovers!  This post will surely inspire you to make a basement wine tasting room part of your dream basement

Have you become serious about wine or spirits? Has your collection become difficult to display and store properly? Are you constantly looking for a nice, comfortable place in your own home to enjoy a drink and quiet moment with your spouse?

If the answer to these questions are yes than you need to start considering adding a basement Wine Tasting Room or Wine Cellar to your space!

Are you thinking that you don’t have the space or the money to take on this project?

Well I have news for you – an amazing basement wine tasting room tasting room doesn’t require much space or money. Think of the basics which can be broken down into the 3 S’s! – Storage, Seating, Service!

These examples from Pinterest should inspire you to act! These people embraced the challenge of building a little paradise in their own home and are reaping the rewards. Don’t hesitate to try it yourself!


Whether your collection is 12 bottles or 1200 bottles you will need to have a place to store it properly. This means you need to think about temperature and light. It also helps to consider display while considering storage.

Dwelling Decor via Pinterest
Use ALL of your space! Under the stairs is a great place to store wine!
Looks great, fairly simple to DIY
Wine Drawers are a delightful way to multipurpose
Spare closets can be converted to wine storage.


Create a comfortable space to linger over a great glass with your spouse!

A comfy leather chesterfield is perfect for a wine tasting room


A great tasting area will enable the proud owners to host great tasting evenings. This requires a great service setup – glasses, decanters and the like!

Want a modern touch? Use an automates wine dispenser?

Check out some of these products to get your creative juices flowing! There are endless options to achieve this dream no matter the space or budget!

Perfect for a small space!
Keep your collection at the proper temperature!
These racks enable you to turn any space like the area under stairs or closets into a wine room
Stackable wine storage solutions for basementThese stackable units will help you store wine in almost any space!

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