Top Ten Basement Gym Workouts

A basement gym doesn’t have to mean a treadmill and dumbbell set! There aren’t many limits to workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home once you have created the perfect basement gym. With the right equipment you can enjoy a fitness club caliber workout!

There are so many great workout routines that can be adapted to your home gym that it is difficult to select just ten. This is my attempt at curating a list of ten great home workouts! Build the gym and get moving on a new workout routine!

  • Boxing Workout: boxers workout for both stamina and power so their workouts need to be well rounded! Get yourself in fighting shape with this routine from Everlast. All you need is a bag and some space!
Everlast shares a complete boxing workout plan
  • Pilates: is a great way to get a full body workout in a relatively short amount of time! Give it a shot in your perfect basement gym!
Vivotion has a great Pilates workout for beginners!
  • Dumbbell Workouts: a dumbbell based workout helps to hit all the muscle groups with a super limited amount of equipment, space and time! This makes it a great way to get started on your home fitness journey! offers an awesome intensive dumbbell program! Check it out
  • Kettlebells: Home Training Gym shares a kettlebell workout that will fit a full workout into 15 minutes! With some basic equipment and a little space you can start your fitness journey!
Home Training Gym outlines an amazing 15 minute full body kettlebell workout!
Check out this sample routine from HIIT Academy
  • Rowing: rowing is a super challenging workout but it enables you get cardio and some strength at the same time! Plus the machines don’t take up a whole lot of space in your basement gym!
This Rowing Routine will have you in top shape in no time!
  • Cycling: cycling is a great low impact way to improve your cardio and burn calories. There are tons of great routines out there – skip the spin studio and DIY at home! Check out this one below!
Greatist shares an awesome 30 minute cycling workout!
  • Body Weight Exercise Routine: a great Bodyweight Routine enables you to get a workout in at nearly zero cost. Plus you can workout anywhere! Workout Labs has great routines for beginners all the way to advanced workout warriors!
This beginners routine from Workout Labs will jump start your fitness journey
  • Barre: dancers know how to stay in shape! A barre routine helps a man or woman add some pliability and strength! Give it a shot for a change to your routine! This 15 minute routine from Fitness Magazine will blast your legs!
Check Fitness Magazine for great barre workouts
  • Squat and Deadlift Routine: if you are looking to build strength consider a heavy lifting routine! This can be done at home with a weight set and a lifting cage! This routine from CentraState Fitness will get you started on a heavy lifting journey
CentraState shows a great beginners routine