Upgrade your Basement Laundry Rooms

A basement remodel project is incredibly fun to plan as you dream of your basement bar, gym or mancave but you cannot forget the utility you need from the space such as storage or the dreaded laundry area!

Now a laundry area is never going to be your favorite part of the house but with a little thought and planning you can upgrade your basement laundry area!

An amazing basement laundry area will offer plenty of storage, folding area, clothes hanging functionality and maybe some diversion from the drudgery!

To spark some interest in the forgotten area of your basement renovation I have compiled some of the coolest and innovative basement laundry areas that I could find on Pinterest!

Adding shelving for storage and a surface for folding makes doing laundry less of a chore! These upgrades can be done inexpensively and easily!

The great Bob Vila shows how a simple curtain can enable you to hide the laundry area!

A nice laminate floor coupled with a folding surface and repurposed kitchen cabinets turns a laundry area from drab to welcoming !

Happy Organized Life offers a number of great and inexpensive ways to get organized in the laundry room. Below is an example of inexpensive cube shelving and hampers plus an extendable hanging unit.

Consider recycling old kitchen cabinets to make a full blow laundry station appear organized and bright.

Decor Pad highlights a luxurious basement laundry room with a contemporary flair. Add a bar and this might become your favorite room!

This fun and functional small laundry room from Decoria shows that you can add a nice space without eating into the rest of the basement!

If you are sufficiently inspired get started with your remodel! There are great organizational items available here, here and here! As usual, Amazon is a great place to pick up items for your project!