Win The Day With This 5 Step Morning Routine

Do you struggle with mornings? Are you often late and/or frazzled when you arrive at work? So you lament that you have no time for anything?

That is okay! These are perfectly normal problems for tons of people.

In fact, I used to have a terrible time with mornings! The problem wasn’t waking up – I was up at 5am with my son. Every. Single. Day.

Didn’t matter what time I went to bed or what I did the night before. I was up.

Problem was that despite my early starts I was still rushing out the door, hurrying around my house and stressing about getting where I needed to go on time!

I needed to take action! I implemented these 5 steps to take back my morning to win the day!

Get A Solid Nights Sleep

I know – we are talking about the morning. Trouble starts the night before. If you consistently sleep poorly no morning routing will save you! A good nights sleep starts with a consistent bed time. Watch the sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake at night. Try to exercise. Read hard copy books and limit screen time. These are all ways to improve sleep! Find what works for you! Additionally, there are amazing products – not drugs – products that greatly improve sleep. Check out this post for details!

Prepare for the Morning

This means no surprises! I used to always scramble for clean, wrinkle free clothes! There is no excuse for this. I knew I was going to work the next day but I refused to take action. There are tons of things you can do to streamline your morning and eliminate surprises!
* Lay out and prepare clothes: this means making sure you have an appropriate outfit ready to go – ironed or Steamed etc. for the next day. If you don’t have one ready – CORRECT that!

Steamer saves your morningSteam clothes the night before for a perfect morning!

* Gym Clothes: if you plan on hitting the gym (see below) eliminate excuses by having the workout gear ready!
* Breakfast: depending on what you have for breakfast you can remove friction from your day by having it set up. I typically measure out my smoothie ingredients so I just add the liquid and ice and blend!
* Review your agenda: do you have early or important meetings? Don’t let yourself be surprised!

Plan Something Enjoyable

For many people the main obstacle is getting out of bed. The remedy to this is finding something you really want to do and carving time out in the morning to do it! This serves as a motivator to get your butt out of bed and activating your winning routine! This depends entirely on you but here are some ideas:
* Spend Quality Time with kids: since we both are up early i am always able to spend at least 30 minutes of time with my son. Sometimes we just watch a show or read. Other times we sneak out for a full breakfast. Over the years we have bonded during our early mornings before the world wakes up.
* Work on a Passion Project: are you trying to write a novel or start a side business? This is your time to do it! Before other people’s priorities get in your way. Give yourself time every morning to advance your goals!
* Meditate or Yoga: Find time for mindfulness before he day gets hectic!

Yoga makes a great part of a morning routineA morning yoga session will have you ready to win the day
Yoga kit for morning yogaPick up a yoga setup to start your new morning routine

* Video Games, Shows or Books: for family men he evenings can easily get away from you. Dinner, activities, chores and family time will stop you from getting some time to your self. Spend some time each morning with your favorite show or video game. There is nobody to distract you!

Fuel Yourself

I know many people claim not to eat breakfast due to time or diet. If that is your preference, fine. But forge rest of us win your day by having a healthy breakfast! I typically start my day with about 40 ounces of water, a Protein shake and some turkey bacon! Whatever works for you is what you should try! I prefer high protein to prevent me from getting snacky mid morning!

Morning Protein Shake with CoffeeThis protein shake helps me start my day right!

Get a Sweat In

You may not get in a “full workout” but if you can find a way to work a morning workout into your routine you will be much further ahead of the competition! At a minimum I will knock out 100 push-ups every morning. This ensures that the blood is flowing. I try to do more – a quick Dumbbell routine, row and/or run. But I always do something!

Dumbbells are perfect for morning exercise Dumbbells are perfect for quick morning workouts!

If you can implement these changes to your life you will quickly discover that morning can be enjoyable and you will find yourself less frazzled and arriving to appointments on time!

PS: my “ideal” routine is shown below and while I usually execute we all have bad mornings!

5:00 AM: Wake Up
5:02 AM: Drink 20 ounces of cold water
5:05 AM: Get my workout in – usually 30 minutes
5:35 AM: Drink more water and prepare breakfast for myself and my son.
5:45 AM: Quality Time over Breakfast with my son.
6:15 AM: Shower and Dress for the Day
6:30 AM: Depends on day – more family time, work on a project or some “me time”! On less than ideal days I head out the door to work!
7:15 AM: Coffee and Oatmeal for Wife – I like to Make the early part of her day with the kids as easy as possible.
7:30 AM: Chat with my wife until it’s time to jet!

Notice that there is no time spent finding something to wear or eat! It’s all been considered! Sure, sometimes I need to skip the routine and prep for a meeting but that is either by design or based on a last minute change – not lack of preparation!

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