Unforgettably Epic Guy’s Golf Trips

It’s easy and fun to plan an epic guy’s golf trip!  If you haven’t taken a golf based vacation I suggest you rally some friends and family and start planning one now!  A guy’s golf trip is a great way to stay in touch and have fun with your friends as you get older!

This post was inspired by an old college pal of mine who has taken the trip of a lifetime – a golfing tour of the UK capped off by a trip to Paris to watch the Ryder Cup!

Thanks to this peer pressure I have started to think of an epic guy’s golf trip for next spring – don’t tell my wife!

Epic guy’s golf trips do not have to be long or expensive! Choose a trip that suits your golf crew! Below are the top ten on my list! I will be sure to update the post with my selection!

Guy’s Golf Trip:  Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is home to some of the finest golf in North America! The number of great courses is staggering. Plus, Oregon is home to a number of amazing breweries making it a perfect bachelor party or guys trip!

Guy’s Golf Trip to OregonBandon Dunes has wonderfully rugged vistas
Guy’s Golf Trip The brewery scene makes the Oregon trip even better

Guy’s Golf Trip: Scotland

I don’t believe in regrets, but I remain tremendously disappointed in myself for not having made the trip from London to Scotland for some serious golf during my expat assignment. The home of golf should be high on the list for any golfers. I dream of taking my son there someday, before that I would love to lead a trip with my college buddies. Golf, Scotch, great food add up to an epic trip!

Guy’s Golf Trip St. Andrews is a true bucket list trip!
Guy’s Golf Trip
Scotch Tasting will take any Scotland trip over the top

Guy’s Golf Trip: Ireland

Royal County Down has been ranked the best golf course in the World!

Ireland is an amazing golf destination! I have been lucky enough to play a few courses on the Emerald Isle – Lahinch and Athenry. The people in Ireland are so friendly and welcoming, there food is better than advertised and the weather can be adventurous. One great aspect of an Ireland tour is the fact that the entire country is very drivable. Pack your rain gear and head to Ireland!

Lahinch on the west coast of County Clare has great golf and is the surf capital of Europe
Irish Pubs offer a great atmosphere to relive your rounds over drinks
Old Head Course in Kinsale, County Cork

Pack your Pack your rain gear and go!

Guy’s Golf Trip:  San Francisco

A San Francisco swing makes an awesome golf trip! If you can manage to combine a tee time at Pebble Beach with some tee times at the jewels of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park you will have executed a perfect trip. Mix in a trip to Napa, Alcatraz and a ball game and you might just have your best week ever!

Harding Park in San Francisco is a top public course
Olympic Golf Club offers 45 spectacular holes
Alcatraz offers an epic “escape” from golf

Guy’s Golf Trip:  Charleston

The low country of South Carolina is home to amazing food, hospitable people and great golf! Skip the Florida trip and give Charleston a shot! Imagine waking up for shrimp and grits before hitting the courses.

Charleston style shrimp and grits!
Wild Dunes is great for a family focused golf trip

Guy’s Golf Trip: Arizona

Scottsdale is home to a number of amazing courses that can be played year round!

Again, I have been lucky enough to golf across a good bit of Phoenix and Scottsdale! I can not recommend it enough. Try to pair your trip with baseball spring training or better yet the best non-Major PGA Tour Stop the TPC! Look out for scorpions!

Guy’s Golf Trip:  Florida

TPC Sawgrass!

If you are looking for a quick golf weekend over the winter keep it simple and head to Florida! There is no shortage of great courses no matter where you decide to go! Beware of the gators!

Sarasota Offers some amazing public courses

Guy’s Golf Trip: Myrtle beach

TPC Myrtle Beach is one of the best courses in the area

For an inexpensive and easy trip don’t forget Myrtle! Myrtle Beach has a fun, honky think vibe but hosts a number of high end courses. Flights from the northeast are under 3 hours!

The Myrtle Beach boardwalk offers tons of entertainment after your round

Guy’s Golf Trip:  North Carolina

The Southern Pines area and Pinehurst offers another relatively inexpensive yet accessible area for great golf! There are a half dozen amazing courses in this small area. Easy flights into Raleigh or Charlotte make this a great trip!

Mid Pines in Southern Pines NC


Don’t forget to make time for some bbq in North Carolina

Guy’s Golf Trip: Cabot Links Nova Scotia

I should really keep this to myself – the best golf destination in North America is Cabot Links Nova Scotia! The scenery is breathtaking, the food is incredible and it is just a few hours from the Northeast. Do yourself a favor and head north to Nova Scotia for an unforgettable golf vacation!

Nova Scotia lobster roll! The seafood is unbelievable

Now that you are sufficiently inspired grab your friends, pack your gear and get out there!

If you are looking for further inspiration check out these great books!

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It’s Simple To Spoil A Golfer: Great Gifts For Golfers

Great gifts for golfers

Great gifts for golfers can be both easy and inexpensive if you know where to look!  If you are having trouble picking out a gift for the golfer in your life fear not – this guide will help!  Follow these instructions and wow your loved ones with great gifts for golfers.

I know that to a non-golfer, the prospect of buying anything golf related can be super intimidating. I am here to help with great gifts for golfers.

It’s easy. Pick a few things from this list and the golfer in your life – whether it be a Dad, spouse or child – will be both thrilled with the product and touches that you went out of your way to better know their passion!

The list is broken down into four areas – you cannot go wrong with any of these. My main advice is to avoid clubs as those are best purchased during a club fitting – the one exception being if you know the specific club.


All golfers need the occasional restock of the basics. These all make great stocking stuffers for golfers and last minute gifts!
* Golf Balls

Great gifts for golfersGolf balls make a great stocking stuffer!

Do a bit of research…check your golfers bag to see what brand of golf balls they are using and purchase a few dozen of those! Or if you feel like a splurge you can pick up these Titleist Pro V1 or these Taylormades!
* Tees: every golfer needs more tees! These are great stocking stuffers! Have some fun with novelty tees!
* Gloves

Golf gloves make a great stocking stuffer

Again, an easy trick is to find out what they are already using and buy a couple new pairs!
* Towels: Towels for a golfer can make a fun and easy stocking stuffer or help your golfer show their school spirit!

caddyshack is the most quotable golf movie!

  • Club Head Covers help your golfer show some personality with their club head covers!
  • * Golf Kit: these little kits make golf course etiquette easy!

* Ball Stamp: these cool stamps allow golfers to mark their ball in style!

Show school spirit on the course

* Club Heads: help your golfer show some personality with their club head covers!

Rain gear is a great gift for the hardcore golfer!


Help your golfer improve their game with this variety of tools. Whether they need to work on their swing, short game or just love getting extra practice in any golfer will love these gifts!
* Putting Tools:

Get your putting practice in!

* Putting Greens

Create a golf practice area in your home!

* Nets

This swing net will let you get your practice in!

* Swing Tools

Improve your ball striking with the Bomb It!
This trainer will improve your form

* Practice Balls

Practice balls will let you practice your form in the backyard


For the golfer who loves gadgets there are a number of great options to help them feel put on the course!
* Range Finder

The range finder will impress any gadget loving golfer
Gadgets make great gifts for golfers
This laser plane will help fix your swing!

* Apps


For the guy who has everything – consider giving them an unforgettable experience! Depending on budget you can provide a nice lesson or day on the course all the way up to a once in a lifetime trip!
* Trips: grab your golfer a bag and a ticket and send them on an epic golf trip!

Pebble Beach is a great golf trip destination!
  • Lessons: even a seasoned golfer would appreciate some lessons! A good teaching professional can shave strokes from your score! Check with your local golf course for referrals.
  • Club Fittings: a serious golfer may want custom fitted clubs. Check out Mizuno or Titleist for scheduling!
  • Local around: any golfer will appreciate a gift card for a round at the best local course!
  • Consider pairing these golf gifts with something from my Whiskey Gift List for a memorable holiday.

Epic Father Son Bonding Trips

Any Dads of boys out there reading this? Ever since so found out our first child would be a boy I was super excited about all the things we would do together! Of course my wife and I spent a lot of time planning various firsts – trip to the zoo, boat ride, beach day and vacations! But all along I was quietly looking forward to our eventual father and son bonding trips! I picture these trips happening when he is a bit older – we are talking at least ten years old!

The purpose of these trips would be to show my son some of my favorite places and activities so we could create our own memories and traditions! Here are my top ten theoretical trips – I hope to hit at least half before he thinks i am a bore!

– Cooperstown

The Baseball Hall of Fame is a special place for a baseball fanatic! If I do my job right my son will also be a huge baseball fan in a few years. This is an easy one night trip for us. It’s a relatively short drive to the bucolic small town that hosts baseball’s history. We could spend a full day wandering the museum and the baseball card shops that line the streets. That evening we would be able to take in a game – usually amateur – at Doubleday Field. It’s pure Americana!

– Baseball Road Trip

30 MLB Stadiums Ranked

If my son enjoys the Cooperstown Trip we would set our sights higher! A multi city baseball stadium road trip. This trip would serve two purposes – expose my son to the various great cities and stadiums that dot our great country and give us plenty of time in the car just talking!
There are plenty of routs to take for this trip – Northeast with games in Boston, New York, Philly, Baltimore and DC or a rustbelt loop with Pittsburgh and Cleveland along with some minor league games. Planning this trip would be half the fun!

– Montreal Hockey Game

Montreal is an amazing city! It has been my favorite city to visit in North America for quite awhile. The walkability, the European feel, and the amazing food and of course the intense hockey atmosphere combine for a great weekend destination. Grab tickets to a Canadiens game and spend the rest of the weekend wandering picturesque streets and forging on bagels, poutine, salted beef and more!

– Golf Trip

A major goal of mine is to get my son hooked on golf! The objective is to have a lifelong excuse to get together and have a shared passion. I will get him addicted to golf by frequenting local courses and the range but a great golf trip should be the final push to get him passionate about the game. There are so many options ranging from the easy and fairly inexpensive such as Myrtle Beach or a Florida jaunt to the once in a lifetime such as Pebble Beach, Bethpage or even the home of golf St. Andrews. The location matters less than the time spent. I think we will start with an easy trip and then bond over a shared bucket list of courses!

– Skiing

Breckenridge is a premier skiing resort

Just like golf, I have an agenda in getting my son passionate about skiing. The more interested he gets in the greatest winter sport the more skiing I will do! For this reason I plan on spending some quality winter break time on the slopes with my son. Again – the plan would be to start fairly local with Mount Tremblant or Killington before branching out West (Breckenridge , Sun Valley and Tahoe) or to Europe (French and Italian Alps)!

Picturesque Chamonix France is a bucket list ski destination

– London

My son was born in London while we were living the expatriate life. We will undoubtedly make many trips back to his birthplace – we made many great friends in the city. However, I have been planning a bonding trip back to the city just for us so we can wander the same streets we did when he was in a carriage. I envision sharing our first beer together in London near his 18th birthday. Additionally, we would take in some culture, a football match and perhaps even take a canal boat ride. It will probably be strange for him not having been born on the US like most of his friends so I want to do my part to make this difference a fun and strong part of his personality.

– Train Trip

I have always had an interest in train travel and my son has been obsessed with trains since he started playing with toys. For an earlier in life trip sometime in the next few years I plan on taking him on a train voyage! This doesn’t have to be murder on the orient express but a quick trip from Boston to Portland Maine, New York City or even further south to Philadelphia or DC would be fun! The journey would be he highlight! I plan on a major European rail tour as he gets a bit older!

– Football Game at Alma Mater

As an alumnus of the University of South Carolina football was a big part of my college experience. I would love to share the passion I have for the sport and college football in general by taking my son to a game in Columbia. We would spend the weekend visiting all of my old favorites such as Groucho’s Deli, Zaxby’s Chicken, Five Points and the Vista before tailgating all day at Williams Brice Stadium with my Old college pals. This experience would illustrate that I was once a young man as well.

– Ireland

Our family – both my wife’s side and mine – have strong connections to Ireland through distant cousins and our heritage. A trip to the homeland to visit with our distant relations and spend time where our family started will go along way to deepen his connection with his heritage. As a bonus, Ireland isn’t a tourist trap, we will get to spend plenty of quiet time in pubs or taking walks not just rushing from tourist attraction to tourist attraction with the throngs.

– Championship Game for Our Team

I have been lucky with my sports fandom! As I came of age in high school and college my teams were in the midst of an unparalleled run of success – all 4 teams won a championship and they were all in the mix almost every year. I hope my son is as lucky but we won’t chance it! As soon as he is old enough – say 8 – and one of our 4 major teams makes a championship we will spend the money to go! I want to bond with my son over the shared glory of a championship! This would be something we would be able to look back on with fondness for or entire lives.

That is it for my list – go ahead and make your own! A father son bonding trip should be both a cool trip and carry some meaning!

If it are feeling inspired check out Last Minute Travel for great deals on hotels and flights! These trips are less expensive than you think and the memories will be priceless!