Awesome Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Are you planning a wedding? Are you drowning in the details of the flowers, Menu and the dreaded guest list? Well I cannot help you with any of that, but I do suggest taking some time to plan your time with the groomsmen! It can be a great distraction and a way to have some fun! Traditionally, the groomsmen are responsible for planning the bachelor party, but as the groom you have control over the groomsmen gifts!

Groomsmen gifts are traditional tokens of appreciation given to all the men that participate in your wedding. It’s a nice way to recognize that they spent considerable time and money to participate in the big day (and all the days leading up to it).

Groomsmen gifts can range from super simple and inexpensive to over the top and expensive. What you select depends on budget, time and the interests of the group.

The seven gift ideas below would thrill most groomsmen! Clearly I am into booze but there are so many ideas that can be combined too! Now take a break from the cake tasting and take care of your boys!

Custom Flask with Bottle

The guys will appreciate a high quality Flask with their initials or other customization. A high end bottle of their favorite drink takes this over the top. As a bonus you will have sources for a quick swig planted all over the place on the Big Day!

Awesome groomsmen gift idea flaskThese personalized flasks will impress your groomsmen
Groomsmen wedding gifts
Include a bottle of their favorite liquor for a bonus!

Add a bottle of liquor for a bit of class

Customized Axe

If your crew is the outdoor type, enjoy the new trend of Axe throwing or complete psychopaths this can be a memorable gift. Just remember to put these away when the drinking starts! Another fun alternative for this type of crew is a Custom Pocket Knife!

Personalized axes make unique gifts for menDon’t lose a finger! Custom axes are awesome but dangerous gifts!

Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones amazingly keep your drink cold without diluting it. A custom set of whiskey Stones makes for a classier touch. Add a nice bottle of scotch or rocks glasses to elevate further.

Whiskey gift whiskey Stones wedding groomsmen
Including a high end whiskey will take this gift over the top!

Yeti Cooler with Beer

Yeti Cooler for GiftFill this cooler with your groomsmen’s favorite beers for a great, fun gift!
Great groomsman gift inspiration
Just add great beer to a Yeti for an inspired groomsmen gift! Perfect for a bachelor party!

This is the most fun gift I have ever received. My buddy’s bachelor party was a camping and canoeing deal and he surprised everyone with Yeti Coolers filled with their beer of choice! This gift is perfect for guys who love beach days or tailgates too! A less expensive alternative is the really smart Cooler Chair!

Custom Suit

The nicest gift I received as a groomsmen! The groom set us all up with custom suits from Indochino. It was especially thoughtful because we wore these for the wedding which saved us the tux rental. 2 years later mine is still in great shape – I need to shed a couple of pounds to look my best in it. Once you have a custom suit it’s hard to go back to the rack!

Yeti Mugs

These wonderful mugs from Yeti will keep your drink hot or cold for hours. Get them engraved for a really nice keepsake.

Personalized Yeti Mugs make a great gift Furnish your crew with Personalized Mugs – perfect for the big day or bachelor party

Mini Draught System

There is nothing better than a draught beer! I was thrilled to receive one of the Della Mini Kegerators a year back. I am now able to enjoy a cold pint in the comfort of my own man cave! Your crew will be similarly thrilled!

Kegerator groomsmen gift weddingA mini kegerator give the gift of draft beer at home! Your groomsmen will be thrilled.

PS: buying these through the link will give me a small commission at no additional cost to you.