Basement Wine Tasting Room Sure Impress

A basement wine tasting room is a perfect use of extra basement space for wine lovers!  This post will surely inspire you to make a basement wine tasting room part of your dream basement

Have you become serious about wine or spirits? Has your collection become difficult to display and store properly? Are you constantly looking for a nice, comfortable place in your own home to enjoy a drink and quiet moment with your spouse?

If the answer to these questions are yes than you need to start considering adding a basement Wine Tasting Room or Wine Cellar to your space!

Are you thinking that you don’t have the space or the money to take on this project?

Well I have news for you – an amazing basement wine tasting room tasting room doesn’t require much space or money. Think of the basics which can be broken down into the 3 S’s! – Storage, Seating, Service!

These examples from Pinterest should inspire you to act! These people embraced the challenge of building a little paradise in their own home and are reaping the rewards. Don’t hesitate to try it yourself!


Whether your collection is 12 bottles or 1200 bottles you will need to have a place to store it properly. This means you need to think about temperature and light. It also helps to consider display while considering storage.

Dwelling Decor via Pinterest
Use ALL of your space! Under the stairs is a great place to store wine!
Looks great, fairly simple to DIY
Wine Drawers are a delightful way to multipurpose
Spare closets can be converted to wine storage.


Create a comfortable space to linger over a great glass with your spouse!

A comfy leather chesterfield is perfect for a wine tasting room


A great tasting area will enable the proud owners to host great tasting evenings. This requires a great service setup – glasses, decanters and the like!

Want a modern touch? Use an automates wine dispenser?

Check out some of these products to get your creative juices flowing! There are endless options to achieve this dream no matter the space or budget!

Perfect for a small space!
Keep your collection at the proper temperature!
These racks enable you to turn any space like the area under stairs or closets into a wine room
Stackable wine storage solutions for basementThese stackable units will help you store wine in almost any space!

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