Gym Equipment Buyers Guide

Are you looking to get at shape in the comfort of your own home? Perhaps you want to outfit an Amazing Basement Gym?

Once you decide where to build your workout space and what kind of exercises you want to do it is time to buy some equipment!

Buying gym equipment can be really intimidating as it is an expensive and often bulky task! That said there are a number of approaches to purchasing gym equipment! Here are 5 ideas on places to buy your equipment to start the fitness journey!

    Craigslist: the least expensive place to purchase gym equipment is undoubtedly Craigslist! There are usually plenty of options for different types of equipment but it is used and you don’t always get exactly what you want. The other obvious drawback is transporting the equipment. This usually means borrowing a truck and asking a friend for help!
    Facebook Groups: similar to Craigslist – tons of people are looking to unload unwanted exercise equipment for free or cheap! Check back frequently for killer deals in your area.
Kettlebells can be purchased at a number of retailers
    Traditional Retailers: traditional retailers are still a great place to pick up your fitness equipment! The best part is that you can still visit a store and try before you buy! This takes a lot of stress out of the purchase. The downside is that these stores can be more expensive if you don’t find a sale.

  • One way to reduce the cost is by using a coupon or cash back site like Ebates! Ebates will pay cash back on your purchases at major retailers like Dick’s. Check out Dick’s Sporting Goods or Modell’s for a wide variety. These stores will deliver and assemble for an additional fee
  • No matter where you buy from – consider using Amazon Home Services for setting up and assembling the equipment!