Dream Basement Renovation: Transform Your Home

Transform your home with a dream basement renovation! It’s easy to add value to your home and create a space for your family to enjoy with a basement renovation.

I have been pondering my dream basement renovation for years and the time has come! We have begun planning for our basement transformation!

The basement of my dreams will include a man cave, space for guests, a bathroom, a game room/play room, a bar, a home gym and even space for work. Is it possible to squeeze all of that into a typical suburban basement? Maybe or maybe not. However, this post will seek to inspire me and others like me to think big:

I believe I have found a solution that will meet many of these needs! The key to this solution is building some multipurpose space for some of the less important features.

Here it is, my 7 point plan for the perfect suburban basement!

  1. Dream Basement Renovation -Storage

One thing that sometimes suffers when we finish a previously unfinished space is the loss of free storage space! This can be addressed in two ways – have less stuff and get better organized! The best approach is generally a hybrid of the two. In my dream basement I will address storage in two ways:

    Design Feature: wherever possible I will incorporate storage into my design – think of drawers under bench seating, well-designed closets and the like. These can be fun and functional ways to get more out of your space!
Storage embedded into a design feature gets more out of your space

    • Storage Space: there are certain items you need to store – Christmas decorations, luggage etc. for items like this i have carved out some dedicated storage space. It is near a dead zone by the utilities. I will simply expand the utility closet to include some

basic shelving

    • for larger, lesser used items and stay

organized with bins

    . Now the key will be curating this room so it doesn’t get overstuffed!
Maximize space with heavy duty shelves

2. Dream Basement Renovation – Dedicated Workout Space

Fitness is a passion for my wife and I but with small children it is difficult to get out of the house for a workout. We agreed that a dedicated workout space would be amazing both for issues of safety and focus! We wanted to be able to close off the room so kids don’t hurt themselves with equipment and so we can have some quiet time to workout without frequent distractions.

We will build a small room – enough space for a weight rack, treadmill, rower, barre rail and a bit more. The flooring will be made of rubber mats and the walls will have mirrors to check our form! Ideally, we will connect some speakers and a small television as well!

3. Dream Basement Renovation – Bathroom

We both felt strongly about the need for a small full bathroom in our basement! This is important for many reasons – we plan on spending a lot of time in the space so facilities are super convenient. Plus with a guest room we wanted to provide some semblance of privacy for overnighters. Don’t forget a urinal for mancave guests!

4. Dream Basement Renovation – Laundry Area

Our basement currently houses our laundry area. We hate the state of it so we want to clean it up and make it more functional. We also would love the capability to hide it from view! We don’t have space for a dedicated laundry room so we want to optimize a nook! This takes some creativity.

5. Dream Basement Renovation – Office/Guest Room

We both felt a strong need for an office and a guest space but we won’t frequently use these spaces. For that reason we decided on a multipurpose room! We plan to use a Murphy Bed and some nice office furniture to make a welcoming space! It will work well when one of us needs to work from home but also provide a comfy space for our guests!

Murphy Bed creates a versatile space

6. Dream Basement Renovation – Kids Corner

We recognized the need for some kids space in the basement. We are carving out a corner with a small table, a train table/toy box combo and a bookshelf so the kids have space! Will they take over the television occasionally? Of course, but this space will help us get a workout in with the kids playing nearby! Also, as the kids get older we can reclaim this space for darts, billiards or even shuffleboard!

7. Dream Basement Renovation – Mancave

Finally, the most important area! My requirements are simple I need comfy seating for a small group, a massive television, a fully operational bar and some snack access! Mancave is a misnomer- I don’t need to be buried in a corner by myself- I just want a place where function takes precedent over form and I can enjoy a drink and a game in peace (or with my family)!

Thanks for reading!  I will post updates on our progress throughout the year!  Please share your dream basement renovations!